Darwin chef Jim Dalton built on his experience from many years of field catering to establish Dalton Logistics, an operation now bringing business to remote areas by providing Northern Territory adventures with exciting itineraries for corporate clients.

For eight years Darwin chef Jim Dalton provided field catering and logistical support for outback expeditions including the Bush Tucker Man television series, motor vehicle product launches, and outback film and television shoots. He has been described in articles by international motoring journalists as Australia's best outback caterer, and in one interview television's Les Hiddens was reported as saying that Jim was the "real bush tucker man".

Now Dalton Logistics, run by Jim and his wife Sue, is organizing its own innovative outback expeditions and developing a growing client base, with both repeat business and new customers bringing more bookings. Itineraries are tailored to individual groups and accommodation can be swag and mozzie net, tents, resort or hotel, depending on the location.
Jim Dalton said: "Our expeditions are attractive to companies looking for a totally different program or event to reward their top performers or elite teams, rather than the usual predictable trips or retreats. To provide a break from the driving days, activities such as barramundi fishing, sailing, canoeing and scenic flights are included.

One Top End expedition organised by Dalton Logistics was for 30 Ford light truck sales managers who were being rewarded for achieving incentive targets set by Ford Australia. Swags and mozzie nets were the main accommodation. As with all groups on Dalton Logistics expeditions, the participants had a short driver training course conducted by SMART (Skilled Motor Vehicle and Rider Training), including skid control, collision avoidance and 4WD recovery techniques. Jim Dalton said: "Companies have used these treks to showcase their products to media and potential customers as well as to their own staff and distributors."

The food has won as much praise as the rest of the expeditions. Dishes served for dinner have included live mud crabs cooked to order, spit-roasted saltbush lamb basted with blue gum honey and rosemary, abalone and seaweed patties, wild goat and boar satays, coal-baked barramundi with lime tartare, poached buffalo silverside with a marmalade glaze and mustard mash, turkey and smoked boar sausages, and roast hindquarter of camel with field mushroom sauce. Luscious desserts include Ayers Rock summer puddings with sauternes custard and sugar bark with hot lemon puddings from the camp oven.

Jim Dalton said: "We have clients looking for adventure events as well, including a Melbourne-based company interested in bringing sports groups to the Territory to experience training regimes in our climate, possibly including mountain bike rides through Litchfield Park, rock climbing and canoeing. "I cannot speak highly enough of the people at the Northern Territory Tourist Commission, the Department of Industries and Business and Tourism Top End. Their enthusiasm for success is infectious and motivating," he said.