Equipment & Personell

Our service provider network has you covered for all your special needs and requirements. Whether you're after hi tech communications equipment or GIS mapping - Dalton logistics will get your trip functioning the way you need it to.

See us for:

Expedition Work
Journalism Mapping/GIS/Survey
Driver Training

Helicopters - G&A Helicopters supporting major productions around Australia, including logistics support, TV commercial and movie productions. Have operated and licensed to operate anywhere in Australia. Special experience in the NT and tropical Australia. Access to helicopters in all states, but can also supply our own Bell Longranger helicopter (see Pics).

Journalism For your trip, why not have a journal documented day by day by our experienced jounalist and writer. A fantastic record of your adventure into the outback that you will keep for ever. Articles for print media can be organised also.

Marine Craft - Small landing barges can often be used to your logistical advantage. Talk to us about where you plan to be working and these or suitable pleasure craft, may be ideal for your needs. A Maxi sailing yacht is an appropriate form of team bonding at the top.

Cinematography - Laurence McManus ACS accredited member of the Australian Cinematographers Society. Over 28 years experience in both stills and motion pictures. Both film and video experience. Credits include, "Bushtuckerman" ABC TV Stories of Survival, with the Bushtuckerman. ABC TV. "A Big Country" ABC TV. Experienced in operating in remote locations for extended periods of time.

Expedition Work - The world of expeditioning has no hierarchy but has few rivals in the excitement stakes. We have the infrastructure to support a private expediton for adventure, or a scientific expedition for research. See our latest expedition notes under recent trips.

Mapping/GIS/Survey - Dalton Logistics offer a range of support services for field sciences including GPS surveys, GIS mapping and field survey. Our staff are experienced field workers in Northern Australia keen to help your team to remote locations. We not only provide logistic support, but can help you in surveying the location and assist with GIS data input and analysis. If your team needs local expertise in any scientific area, Dalton Logistics can arrange appropriately trained people. Our field mapping team is lead by Richard Woolfe, an archaeologist with qualifications in GIS and Geomatics.

Entertainment - For your conference or that special gala dinner, why not surprise your guests with someone special. We can organise a number of celebrity speakers from anecdotal sports speakers to senior level management motivational speakers. Or perhaps you require some light entertainment and live music. We've got the lot.